Charlie Pedersen
Coming Soon: Adam to Atom

Adam to Atom, the bridge between God and Science doesn't take on the easy issues. When you're trying to save the world from itself, you have to find reasons to merge forces, not stand in denial or preach to your own choir. All you have to do is see the brewing storm clouds while secularism and theism stand in denial and the world escalates the conflict under the flag of cultural mistrust and greed.
Adam to Atom will give you a better understanding of the world's religions and what they have in common. You will appreciate the wonders of quantum science and its potential for humanity. You will cross the bridge and see how evolution and creationism are theologically and ethically compatible. You can focus on God, Nature, or God and Nature. Have it your way. This is not a book to make scientists accept God or theologists to believe in science or evolution without intelligent design. . Politicians want your vote; Churches want you to have faith in their beliefs.. Science wants to believe in the rule of logic and explicit proof over faith in spiritual truth delivered by deities.
Charlie Pedersen wants you to work together fiercely on the key issues of the world. You know there are problems that need much of the world on the same page if there is hope to fix them.
You see the storms brewing: Jihad; independence from dictators and Kings; Energy and Water crises; economic stagnation, deflation, and fiscal bankruptcy; poverty reaching across almost 1/2 of the world's population; and pollution and climate change. You can hate the science of climate change, but you can't hate pollution. It's time to save the world, meaning save our global society. Start by reconciling science and religion.
Adam to Atom is the Juxtaposition versus Frederick Nietzsche's cynicism,. Reason and faith can prevail as a synergistic force over nihilism, apathy, and denial..
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