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Charlie Pedersen emerged from the executive ranks of information technology, finance and the aerospace private sector to write genre-blend novels that tackle contemporary issues, placing them in a world of international suspense and science fiction . With a broad background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar module systems and the creation of what became America's largest Automated Teller Network, the Star System, he was able to achieve a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large-scale change.
You'll find his work committed to be: a compelling read, prepared to take you to
a new level of knowledge, and committed to precision in information. He relies heavily on the CIA World Factbook, World Data Bank, the UN, and credible industry websites. His genre is science faction : the line between fact and fiction traveled by the reader's imagination. He's drawn to people who think "outside the building" (quote from Mario Van Peeples), thus his fascination with quantum science and global challenges.Charlie's tablet is multi-media, including what he calls an e-quel, a quasi-screenplay format  that 's dialog  driven and e-reader friendly. He's fascinated by the potential of mixing media within literature, e.g. , to allow the reader to explore subject matter or visually experience locations,  issues, and subject matter experts.. Literature should stand on it's own, but the literary experience is meant to be shared worlwide. Welcome to the twenty first century.

A native New Yorker, and a "native Californian", splitting his life on both coasts, the last  20 years in Huntington Beach (the true Surf City and Westminster, California.Charlie is a world traveler, most recently on a National Geographic tour to Antarctica and has attended the Beijing , Sydney, Barcelona, and Los Angeles Olympics. . His depictions of the San Francisco bay area, New York City, and worldwide locations are from personal experience. He has four boys, all who have helped  him in editing, web design, and promotional activity. His former assistants Janey Willis and Jocelyn Cowan and lifelong friends are great sources of  diverse opinion and commentary. .


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