Charlie Pedersen
NOISE - Synopsis


Finally, the NOISE we all want to hear: answers. This is a fictional account of 2012-13  because no one from any political  party is willing to commit to both the honesty and frankness about how to fix our economy and unemployment, and take the actions that puts America and the world back on the right track.

 The USA’s current strategy seems to be to develop enough pain that we will be embroiled in war that we don’t need and can’t afford. Of course, if we do it in such a way that drives our high energy prices higher, we’re just stupid and deserve the consequences, which are ugly. We’ve put on our hats of courage, though, so let’s wear them all the way to a new economy. 


                                                         Energy         Environment                                                

NOISE challenges us on the true issues of our time; the World Pyramid Scheme. The two inside vertices.. Bottom left Energy (electricity, transportation, heat.) and bottom right vertical E: the Environment (food and water).  Pyramid scheme? All major indices arc upward with exponential growth over the last twenty+ (20) years. For example, many people feel that OPEC is overstating their oil reserves. After all, no one audits them, and many think they’re double realty.  Recent droughts in America have caused food costs around the world to skyrocket, the underlying cause of the Arab Spring.  That plus the ever increasing oil profits are not trickling down to the people. The debt crises are defaulting towns, cities, and countries all over the world. Knowledgeable people are predicting events in 2013. Jihadists claim that Western greed provides no other choice than WAR.   We are reaching the last of our opportunities to act.  The pillars are falling rightnow!

 We need three things:

1. Honesty and forth righteousness from our leaders.

2. A courageous action plan that deals with the ugly spot in the world: The Middle East.

3. A realistic Water & Energy plan that’s immediately actionable.

  Now we ask you, are you getting honesty from our politicians? There is an accountability to society that our political and wealth leadership won’t address  We can no longer fake economic security by just printing more money. NOISE puts it all on the table: including the answers.

 No one will admit that the threat to our dollar as the world reserve currency is at hand, and collapsing right now. No politician will admit it, because the consequences seem unfathomable, yet they’re very real. The horses have broken out of the barn, yet no one in the Presidential campaign has even brought it up…