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As the "Bin Laden door closes", a new door opens! WE x ∞, Published by Outskirts Press

Charlie Pedersen's innovative new visionary fiction uses twenty second century quantum science cosmology to provide linked "hindsight" to the past, which is our present, and follows a cosmic path out of the chaos we know as the twenty first century.

May 6, 2011 Denver, CO, and Westminster, CA Author Charlie Pedersenannounced today the release of WE x ∞, Face the Terror of Our World Equation, published by Outskirts Press. Pedersen's disruptive, visionary new novel crosses hard copy, e-Book, and silver screen genres as it takes readers into the future and then back to our own reality to face the chaos and terror of our current World Equation. Experience the convergence of literature and video as you move from

compelling story to a new level of awareness and most importantly, answers.

In WE x ∞, scientists from one hundred years in the future send intelligent e-messages, in hologram form, across the space-time continuum to thirteen quantum science labs around the world. A high speed trek from Berkeley, California, through Switzerland, China, Russia, England, Germany and Japan, culminates in a confrontation with the future in New York City. Pedersen's science heroes engage the CIA and Interpol to thwart white collar criminals and terrorists trying to disrupt new, world changing directives from reaching the United Nations General Assembly.

The prominent issues of our times water, energy, world health, trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration, and militarism are tackled head on as Pedersen explores two fundamental questions in his compelling story: What do WE have to do for humanity to really change? Can our infinity (∞) of opportunities overcome the current forces of denial and the power of the status quo?

Following up on Stephen Hawking's description of our times as "political, social, and environmental chaos" and his more than rhetorical question "How can we sustain the next one hundred years?" WE x ∞ cleverly suggests that if we cannot learn from the past, maybe we could learn from the future. Pedersen's intriguing and suspenseful blend of science, contemporary events and fiction gives readers a unique "futuresight" by which to judge today's most daunting challenge: our own denial of the terror of our current world equation.

WE x ∞ a book for our times, whether you're an engaged citizen, an armchair thinker, or part of the mobile generation. A path from terror, war, and social chaos, WE x ∞.

WE x ∞ is available on-line in paperback, hard cover, and e-book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere a PDF or Kindle reader is available at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback white ISBN: 978-1-4327-5889-9 SRP: $16.95

5.5 x 8.5 hardback with jacket ISBN: 978-1-4327-0953-2 $29.95

Kindle $6.95

e-Book -PDF ( $ 5.00

i-Book, Nook, Sony, Google e-book ,et al ( Coming soon)

Genre: Fiction/visionary and metaphysical/political science

About the author:

Charlie Pedersen emerged from the executive ranks of information technology, finance and the aerospace private sector to write genre-blend novels that tackle contemporary issues and place them in a world of science fiction and suspense. With a broad background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar systems and creating what is now America's largest automated teller network, the Star System, he has been able to achieve a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large scale change.

His focus over the last seven years meets the challenges of our times.

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