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Wake Up Call From Our FutureJune 15, 2011
5 out of 5 stars
This review is from: WExoo: Face the Terror of our World Equation (Kindle Edition)
I love science-fiction. I really do. And this book did not disapoint me at all. It is very well written, easy reading in kind of screenplay format, ready to go to the movies. The plot is simple and quite interesting: scientists from one hundred years in the future send intelligent e-messages in hologram form across the space-time continuum to thirteen quantum science labs across the world. Those messages constitutes what they call the five oracles that should guide humanity to a better outcome. Problems related to fresh water, energy, world health, slavery, trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration, and militarism are discussed on the messages. 

Sometimes during my reading, the author's idea reminded me of the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" from Al Gore. We deny our problems till the moment they hit us on the face. 

This is an explendid wake up call book that every serious person should have in their permanent library. 
Mr. Charlie Pedersen suggests that if we cannot learn from the past, maybe we could learn from the future. Genius! Science fiction at its best! 

There are plenty of data mentioned in the book that makes clear the amount of research the author did in order to base his information in real facts. Some links are provided and if you read the pdf version of the book you can connect directly through the links into the places where the information resides. 

  World Equation X Infinity - Where are we going?June 12, 2011

3.0 out of 5 stars

I received this book by request from the author, Charlie Pedersen. He was kind enough (read generous) to send a flash drive along as well with the book in PDF form which, in my opinion, is the best way to read this. 

The book is in screenplay format which may throw some off that are not familiar with reading a story this way. Don't let it. It's a good story and well worth any format. 

'WE x ': Face the Terror of our World Equation' is a true internet book with links to relevant sites all over the web. It makes it a bit slower of a read if you stop to check out all the links as you go, but a much more informative one. 

I did find the dialogue to be somewhat stilted and clumsy in areas. I usually see this when the book is actually over-edited and the dialogue gets rewritten too often so it doesn't quite sound natural. This is the one area that slowed me down which may just be me. 

The story is novel with a ton of VERY interesting information throughout. There was obviously a ton of time spent on research for this and it shows in the finished product. 

If you like current events with futurism, conspiracy theory, time travel and some science fiction all mixed together, this is your book.

Turn Of the Century Reviews

In 2085, 9-year-old Aly was summoned to the bedside of her namesake, Alyson, her grandmother. The 105-year-old Alyson is dying and had been living on a Rejuvenator the last 15 years of her life. Four generations of women sit in the room, all scientists. Aly knew that her granny wanted something from her but didn't know what; she knew she'd been preparing for a quest all her short life. Granny had written a book, "Turn of the Century." Aly had read it over and over. Her mission would have something to do with that book and with two letters that her grandmother showed her. She was told that she could not read the letters yet, the time wasn't right. Years previously, when Alyson was in the prime of her life, she was part of a particle physicist team. A photon probe was sent from the year 2108. The probe offered warnings if messing with the time space continuum a paradox could take place. Events could be altered. Five Oracles were included in the probes. The oracles were suggestions to be presented to the UN. The oracles concerned human rights, environment, multi-culturalism, international medical and organic health and militarism. At age 29 Alyson is allowed to read her grandmother's letters. Her quest is clear. She is to find Jacque. In less than four hours after meeting him, they are in love. What if we were offered a chance to redo the past? Would we heed the warnings? Would we make changes? What would we be willing to sacrifice? "Turn of the Century," by Charlie Pedersen, is a "timely" (pun intended) novel. Mr. Pedersen is an extremely talented author. The characters are well developed. Aly is a multi-dimensional character. She is brilliant and yet has a soft side. The plot is filled with intrigue, twists, suspense and romance. While there is definitely a serious statement in this plot, I also felt the author strived to lighten it with humor. A case in point is the relationship between Aly, Alyson and Jacque. I was a little intimidated when I first began reading this book. I am definitely not a "science person." But Mr. Pedersen has included Appendices that assist in defining terms and statistics to help even science challenged persons like myself to understand the theory behind the plot. To sum it up this was a fascinating book. Well done Mr. Pedersen. I highly recommend "Turn of the Century" to fans of science fiction. 

-- Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (2/07)

Gives you hope for our planet - and a great ride along the way!March 4, 2007

This review is from: Turn of the Century: 2100 (Hardcover)
Wonderful story. Amazing cutting edge science. Romance, intrigue, espionage - and a real and solid plan to save the world -- who could ask for more? After reading this, even the thought of time travel makes perfect sense. World leaders should definitely read this! (And everyone else too!)

Charlie Pedersen Explains It All...March 6, 2007
This review is from: Turn of the Century: 2100 (Hardcover)
Mr. Pedersen thoroughly explains not only the science and technology behind time travel, but creates a timely plot that mirrors the real-life political, socio-economic, and environmental struggles our world is going through today in the present. 

What if our future generations could reach back through the arrow of time and give us a wake up call? Would we begin to see how silly and trivial our society's consumerism and political machinations are? 

This book brings the science behind quantum mechanics and the theory of time travel within a lay person's grasp. In fact, I would venture that if time travel is ever discovered, they will be able to credit Mr. Pedersen's work much as Jules Verne can be credited with inspiring space and undersea travel. The science fiction of today becomes the science fact of the future. I for one, am looking forward to the brilliant mind who will digest this novel and use the knowledge within to make these dreams a reality. 

Much like Edward Bellamy, the 19th Century author who penned "Looking Backward", Mr. Pedersen's semi-utopian vision of the future has some socialistic overtones. Whether or not the idealism explored in this book can overcome the profit motive of capitalism in the real world remains to be seen. But science fiction either deals with a pessimistic Armageddon, or a hopeful Utopia. Taking a look at any headline in Newsweek, or Time, I can say I prefer the latter. 

Now, not only is this book a scientific tome, but it also contains strong male and female characters, a romantic sub-plot, and even some good old fashioned action scenes. It has the feel of a romantic epic; but I don't want to give any spoilers. You'll have to read for yourself!

This is a review of one of the best books I have read so far. Strangely again the author seemed to have gone largely unnoticed by the media and book gurus. So here is the review of this absolutely fascinating book.

Turn of the Century 2100
By Charlie Pedersen
448 pages, Outskirts Press
Price varies depending on format
Genre: Fiction/ Sci-Fi Thriller
ISBN: 1-59800-329-1

This is not just another science fiction book. It is different for four reasons. One, the characters don't follow stereotypes, are multidimensional and strong, especially the female characters. Two, it is a global thriller laced with humour which combines genres of romance, espionage, science, fantasy, adventure and suspense. Three, apart from being informative and inspiring, this brilliant book tries to address and attempt to provide real solutions to contemporary issues plaguing today's society on a global scale. Four, it makes you think about the state of affairs at the turn of our century (21st) and wonder if we are squandering away the possibilities of a fabulous future, individually and globally because of our state of denial.

The story goes something like this — Alyson Higgs and her team who are particle physicists working in a Berkeley lab are visited by a photon probe from the year 2108. This happens simultaneously across 13 nations across the globe. The unmanned probe has a message from scientists from 2108 essentially from our great, great grandchildren. It contains warnings of our immediate future, and provides five oracles, which could save humanity from destroying itself and them (great, great grandchildren). What happens? Read to find out.

Many readers might wonder, if the probe is from the future then humanity wasn't exterminated, right? Then, why send a message at all? This is where Pedersen proves he is a talented author. He manages to explain complex science concepts in simple language that even a child can understand. Pedersen has worked on the Apollo Lunar module and his career includes different fields like finance, aerospace and information technology. This is the first book to come with its own soundtracks, with lyrics and music composed by the author. The book is available in various formats like hardcover, paperback, e-book, CD, audio book and even on an USB memory stick which is a book publishing first .
Go here to select your option Author's Website and listen to the songs. It is available on Google Books ,Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, etc. but only as hardcover and paperback, which contains only the transcript of the songs. This book is necessary read for people from all professions.

2007 by Deepa Kandaswamy