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Sci-fi Terms

Quantum Science Terminology for the

Non Scientist and Science fiction reader

Extracted from Turn Of the Century: 2100


Quantum Science Terminology for the

Non Scientist and Science faction reader

(For alphabetic list of definitions, go forward to Appendix III.)

Science Faction Background

Before reviewing the glossary of terms, a brief overview of the science, if you will, is suggested, although viewed through the lens of "science faction." Science faction is the fine line between science fact and fiction that is traveled by the imagination.

First the Science

Throughout the twentieth century, it was proven that the atom was more than a nucleus, neutrons, protons, and electrons. Quantum science relates to the study and understanding of the subatomic universe from a vantage point that accepts probabilities and uncertainty. First theorized, then quantized (reduced and measurable in quantum terms and subject to the general theory), we learned that waves, like x-rays, radio waves, microwaves, magnetic waves, gamma waves, and light-waves (all photons) and all matter (particles, elements, molecules, all the solid and liquid matter that is the earth and its animal, vegetable, and mineral inhabitants) are interchangeable (E = mc˛) as matter and energy, and as small as the billion, trillion, trillionth (thirty-five zeros) of a meter. (See the Planck length, the smallest particle divisor, in Appendix III) new names:

Fermions (matter constituents) made up leptons (such as electrons, muons and Taus), baryons, quarks; and Bosons (force carriers), such as Mesons (Bosonic Hadrons).

Now that's a mouthful of new words to most! All this is further described in the glossary of terminology for the non-scientist, Appendix III, below. It's just enough to make you familiar with the language of the quantum universe, and some other terms in our story. Certainly, it's not a pre-requisite for our story. It's just good training for the imagination of the twenty-first century. See also background literature and training materials in the bibliography above.

Why is this breakdown of subatomic particles necessary? Because if you can measure and manipulate this wave, matter, and force constituency, you can understand the physical (not spiritual) origin of the universe and the origin and makeup of DNA, atomic power, light, and matter, and the basic physical elements of life itself. It's relevant. From nuclear weapons to hydrogen fuel cell cars, it's relevant. It's the twenty- first century. Quantum mechanics leads to quantum computing and storage that can be navigated in electromagnetic waves around the universe at near light speeds.

A small science primer:

The two major laws of thermodynamics (the study of behavior of energy flow in natural systems):

1 Conservation of energy-energy can be transferred from one sys- tem to another, but not created or destroyed. In a search for equilibrium: hot to cold; negative to positive; etc., all matter and energy transformations are a zero sum exchange. If you were ever burned or shocked, or frozen, you have experienced this transfer. In a larger context since the big bang, all creations: stars, galaxies, planets, asteroids, and everything on the earth, whether grown or made, are transfers of matter and energy. Nothing is net new. Nothing since the big bang! Or before it, underneath the creator's, or God's quiescent equilibrium (the source) that preceded the physical world. We call that "potential" as opposed to vacuum, which is an important distinction. There was never nothing!

2 All the flows of mass and energy change are one directional and irreversible, i.e. you can't exactly "reconstruct" matter and energy transfers. You can repair them and rebuild them, but they are net new entities. This is because of heat loss and entropy, byproducts of any work, which include unordered dissipation or chaotic particles. Still part of the zero sum game, but uncontrollable enough to prevent reconstruction... or so it seems.

Enter the world of science faction

But what if matter and energy transfers are infinitely measurable, including heat/dissipation?

Can energy changes be traced and measured? If there is order in the universe, and physical evidence and Einstein would point in that direction, then why is transformation not fully traceable?

In the late twenty-first and early twenty-second centuries, computers can run in the multiple million trillion trillions of cycles per second... an extension of "Moore's law" that computer circuits double in density and speed, every twenty-four months (true for the last forty years). This accelerated when computers could exist in the electromagnetic wave state. Then, information storage (including picture images, sound, and data reduced to the quantum level (very small), and quanta (fermions with spun up [1] or spun down [0] electron states) can be spliced and paired without giant accelerators and detectors. The basis for quantum level reconstruction and reversibility are at hand. This wasn't possible until superstrings were quantized and science determined how to manipulate superstring fabric into, amongst other things, computer storage superstrings, and processor superstrings. This allowed, theoretically, manipulation to the ten to the minus thirtieth storage level of density and processing speed. In most cases, much less density is required for practical wave state applications. At a certain sub-atomic level, if you can control the manipulation of force and matter, then associated particles will follow the strong forces

As a non scientist, just know that mobile quantum computing in "navigation able" electromagnetic waves, while monitoring the quanta in the flight path, changes everything.

With reversibility, then, if you trace the path of the earth's voyage through the ever expanding universe, (earth's: rotation on its axis; revolution around the sun; the solar system's movement in our galaxy; and our galaxy's movement in the universe), then maybe we can travel back through the reverse trajectory of the earth's flight path (earth's arrow of time), to any point in time.

Since time is a moment in a physical and unique point in space, and the earth's net forward movement is something greater than twenty- five miles per second, while the speed of light (and energy waves) is 186,000 miles per second, you can transform an intelligent navigation computer to wave state and catch up to the past pretty quickly. Roughly, hypothetical speeds of twenty-five mps (our galaxy's net forward momentum) vs. something less than 186,000 mps (speed of light) on the return trip through time's past. By entering wormholes, you can lever- age folds in space in the quantum foam to rapidly transfer between the present and the past.

What if a copy of all earthly history is maintained in mirror image that is in three parallel dimensions, where the common dimension with our three dimensions is time? This is a variation on "String theory, or Superstring theory or M-theory. (See definitions in Appendix III)." This would be an audit trail of history at the quantum level. An audit trail is the exact tracing of a record. It is like a bank teller having a complete record of all their transactions tied back to their identification number and PC workstation. When you cross into that parallel dimension at near light speed, you can view not only a mirror image, but the quantum image of life itself. When a photon probe (the intelligent electronic wave transformation of an unmanned missile) penetrates the wormhole along the exact reverse trajectory of the earth's arrow of time (tracing the trajectory's past), it is passing through life itself existing in the mirrored dimension. This interaction with, and observation of, life in the parallel mirror of space-time is the basis for communications with the past. The probe can only navigate to and through this (these) parallel dimension(s) at near light speed and in a electromagnetic wave form.

This was part of the order of nature and equilibrium balance required by what only God knows, but quark and lepton, by quark and lepton, (or superstring by superstring), the parallel dimensions mirror the history of life as we know it. This is caused by super symmetry, or the quantum force that keeps the universe, including parallel universes, together. This constant record of thermo-dynamic transformation of quantum wave/particles breaks through the irreversibility second law of physics (If and when you had the finite power to measure it.).

To repeat, the second law of thermodynamics postulates that matter and energy transformations, with resulting dissipation and output of work, are irreversible. The zero sum game breaks matter and energy into heat, dissipation, waves of new energy, or new matter, and entropy ("non-restorable" dissonance), therefore can't be reconstructed.

But life and work only appears irreversible because of the non trace- ability of transformations in a twentieth and early twenty-first century world, limited by the ability to achieve only billions and trillions of reductions of wave-matter particles, and gigahertz (billions of cycles per second) computing (nine zeros).

Like hitting a cue ball against a rack set of pool balls, and watching the actions and reactions of a well hit rack, including the rebounds off of the felt walls and the iterative scattering on the table, the ability to reverse that action seems impossible.

But when you film/record the event and then play the event back- wards, slowly, you see that every action and ricochet is traceable, even the disappearance of balls into the corners and the friction on the felt table, and the slowdown of the balls' reaction to the air on the table and the force of gravity (given the right camera). You recognize that if you break down the interaction and make it measurable, when you use the right level of measuring tools, traceability is possible and inevitable.

Just like the swirling unrecognized things in your mind, your mind freight is just waiting for the right forces to have things make sense. That doesn't mean it ever will, but it is embodied in your potential. Just like the ability to create a big bang is embodied in the potential of God.

Got it? Have you begun to accept counter-intuitive ideas yet? The very notion of the Acceptance of Counter-intuitive Beliefs (ACB) is that you open your imagination to the point where learned order (like ABC) can transition to a new paradigm, e.g. ACB.

Well, it is still a mystery how the universe and its constituents are kept together with things like strange attractors and Higgs Bosons. It's "classic super symmetry." How can something not even proven yet be classic? Well, it's classic in the twenty second century! We can certainly imagine reversibility, when you believe that forces like super-symmetry and strong forces can dominate the bosons, fermions, and entropy in their space. It even sounds intuitively possible.

Now add to the equation very strange attractors driven by parallel dimensions that maintain a consistency in a world that lives in disequilibrium, or constant change, leaning to the Einstein sense of order versus emphasizing the Heisenberg sense of uncertainty. Because, in a world of uncertainty, you have to admit, many things are pretty certain, at least on the surface. Otherwise it would be hard to get up and get dressed in the morning. Before the big bang, when everything was all just potential waiting to happen, something was conceiving in this state of godliness. That doesn't mean that uncertainty doesn't exist, it means the probability of uncertainty can be strongly influenced. And if some- thing doesn't match the pattern, rewind and try again.

We just think of it simplistically, because we relate to the physical world. Obviously any notion of godliness preceded the idea of physical, and it was very, very difficult (or intelligent) to create a mix of order and disorder we could call quantum life and physicality. So why not build into the plan a record of existence, something to fall back on, a map to recoverability, a mirrored dimension, so to speak?

With a very strange attraction between our three dimensions versus a parallel three dimensions along the common dimension, the arrow of time, prevention of complete disorder was possible. This meant that this attraction made sure that any disruption in the parallel universe would be brought back to parallel equilibrium. Like a balanced see-saw, this activity is the often theorized time ripple or paradox. (Seemingly impossible, but it happens anyway.)

Theoretically then, every thermodynamic action is traceable, if you can measure and trace dissipation and the output of work, and have a method to measure and retry unpredictable events.

The arrow of time is like rolling a ball of twine across a linoleum floor while holding the twine on one end. The ball spins and goes for- ward like the earth, but the twine unrolls in a straight projectile. Follow the twine back towards the source, your hand holding the end of the twine, is like following the arrow of time back to its origins. Each arrow is specific to and from specific Global Position System (GPS) coordinates (yes, the same coordinates used in car navigators) for the purpose of following a specific point in time. So time's arrows follow all of history of the cosmos.

The quantum world is reducible to millions of trillion trillions plus, and the mere macroscopic/physical universe we see with the naked eye being a glimpse of a hundred billion galaxies in the night sky, created over thirteen to fifteen billion years ago. (Depending on what you read).

Compare a single brain's neural network and synapses in quantum terms to the physical galaxies as we see them with the naked eye or telescope. The single brain is more complex, more nodes than the macro physical universe, at least of a few galaxies! A brain's neural network is ten to the twelve (trillion) nodes, connected by ten to the sixteen (quadrillion) synapses. Think of it. One quantized brain versus a whole macro-physical galaxy!

The single brain is more complex than the macro level view of our galaxy!

And our planet has almost seven billion ( nine zeroes) live human brains at any one time and growing. So trying to get a constant, uniform level of understanding would be ten to the twelve (brain nodes) times ten to the sixteenth synapses times seven (7) times ten to the ninth (number of people on earth or 7 billion) or, theoretically, ten to the thirty-eighth, if we tried to have a common "mind meld," or all on one page state of being. Imagine all those: cultures and religions; family upbringings; and political and school indoctrinations; in one mindset? Contrary to many fundamentalist attitudes, a "human collective" of likeness is not only undesirable and impossible, it's boring!

That's why the human race needs to celebrate its diversity, learn how share its intelligence, and to seek common basic ideals and harmony in the context of its differences. This may be obvious to you, but after over fifty thousand years of modern human history, civilization doesn't seem to have figured it out yet. (Not to mention being at one with nature, i.e. the quantum brains of plants, animals, rocks, insects, et al).

With "NN" or ten to the thirty something quantum computing of the early twenty-second century, coupled with photon sub-laser atom split- ting (a very fine quantum energy knife) and neutrino/quark wave-based storage capability (manipulated quantum superstrings), traceability and recording of events which are composed of massive matter, images, waves, heat, and entropy, is conceptually possible, at least in a limited time-space of say, ten by ten by ten meters. How small is that? Consider that when you look at a hard marble countertop at the quantum level, it is mostly empty space. Quantum computers and storage can occupy some of the empty space. All the books in the Library of Congress can occupy a three by three by three-foot space cube in a electromagnetic wave state, and still being virtually invisible to the naked eye. That's all books ever copyrighted. Now that is quantum smallness.

In the early twenty-first century, home computers operated at the infantile rates of tens of billions of cycles per second, with storage in bulky giga (billion) byte and terra (trillion) byte levels. (A byte being an eight bit equivalent of a character or number, and a bit being the single digit value of zero or one (on or off), i.e. the basis of all of things digital (computers, digital graphics, digital communications, etc.) Colors and sounds being represented by combinations of bits (zeroes and ones) in a "recording standard."

Gleaning below the surface of our physical world and tracing the change of the major particles/waves that are the physical constructs of life, we can track the path of the space-time movement and adjust it as we move along earth's historical flight path. We first compute the expected path (twenty-five miles/sec net earth movement in the universe expansion speed), and make continual mid-course adjustments for the quantum bit (qubit) trail we leave through the universe in a parallel dimension. (actually three mirror image dimensions).

If you do the math, you can go back to a specific space-time location one hundred years ago and return at near light speed (slightly less than 186,000 miles per second), in about seven days, a round trip of over one hundred and fifty billion miles of space-time, give or take a billion miles. And that's as the probe flies, not discounting for space folds encountered through the dimensional wormholes entered at near light speed.

Note that the distance of about seventy-five billion miles is equal to traveling one hundred years at about twenty-five miles per second.

With historical, digitally preserved telephone and other personal and business directories, the relative location of most people's homes, place of business, and other private and public facilities can be traced. Looking at the image of what is at any GPS position can, in most cases, be simply performed with a photon wave-state camera. (The same one used for navigational tracing of the quanta changes in the flight path.) If you don't find what you're looking for, adjustment and recalibration is trivial, in twenty-second century terms. (That is a few million trillion, trillion computer cycles in a few seconds!).

Using the GPS map coordinates works for car and missile navigation in the early twenty first century (give or take a building). By the twenty second century celestial navigators could go to the target location, then use local intelligent adjustments based on knowledge of building diagrams, room layouts, and content to locate precise targets. You can find and view inside a building virtually anywhere on earth if you have reasonable digital building architecture and street information, even with early twenty first century GPS and real estate data. This is also the principle of the earliest twenty-first century smart bombs used in Baghdad. But in twenty-second century terms, the accuracy, and reliability is a quantum leap better. If you have historical images of human faces, you could even seek out individuals. With twenty second century super computing (NNhertz quantum computers) using the pho- ton camera, street addresses, floors, etc., you can locate any room in a building and its occupants, even individuals.

The invention of atomic level storage in quantum superstrings enabled massive information to be stored at the quantum level. However, even by 2100, only ten minutes of quantum level information of a com- pressed ten by ten by ten meter space can be stored and manipulated in an electromagnetic wave that fits in a photon probe while traveling at near light speed. Limitations and practicality always seem to persist. Any super computing power can be matched by the human imagination on how to exploit the speed and density of electronic intelligence. The human brain adapts to marching to a new paradigm as soon as it is living the latest breakthrough. Even before then. It's like we say, "okay, well then let's..."

Understand that these rudimentary time machines of the twenty- second century were only for inanimate objects not living organisms or people. Remember every piece of quanta doesn't have to be manipulated, as long as the dominant ones can be. The rest "follow the force" they're attached to, magnetic, strange, very strange, super symmetric, or otherwise. Tracing a pattern along the space-time continuum at near light speed was quite a sophisticated computer application. Somehow, understanding the Higgs boson or other fundamental quantum enablers were key to the scientific evolution of understanding "attraction." But to have human teleportation, you have to freeze thought. You certainly don't want to lose synapses in the translation process. That's more for the "Trekian" time period, although "hold that thought" does seem possible on some level, like a senior moment. I guess we'd be willing to have a few senior moments to go halfway around the planet in a few seconds.

Yes, even in the year 2100, technology limitations persist!

The intelligence in the wave state core of the quantum superstrings was actually organized by central twenty-second century super computers before being transferred to the wave state photon probe. Once a photon computer/data image was established, it could maintain and replenish its own energy supply within the hologram.

If you are still in disbelief, think of how all the satellite movies and radio of all channels within the horizon reach of a satellite above the earth are raining down on all quantum points looking for an antenna and computer chip to sort them out. Plus, all radio waves, the sun's rays, and more. Yet it's invisible and occupying only a small amount of the avail- able quantum space. That's in the early twenty-first century's world.

In actuality, you're being rained on by electromagnetic digital waves at a frequency that's not dense enough to be dangerous, we hope. If they were high frequency x-rays, they'd kill you. So storing and tracing a ten by ten by ten-meter quantum space, for the purpose of navigation, trajectory tracing and information communication, in twenty-second century terms, is a "piece of space cake."

A fair question is if time ripples occur, then why doesn't it take the same time to go through all the uncertainty of interactive change the second time around. This is the difference in the parallel dimensions, the mirrors, when tracing the past to the present. The ripple occurs like a fast forward, but to the participant in the changing mirror, it is relative, so they feel like our dimension's real time. Note that when you slow down or fast forward, it's still the same information, still the same interactions, still the same story. In space-time, in the world of parallel dimensions, the fast forward is at the quantum and physical level, so let your imagination feel the ripple. This is the power of super symmetry in an equilibrium restoration episode after a quantum time ripple occurred in the mirrored dimension of the past. It's like if you were "put deeply under" for an hour and wake up suddenly. An hour passed, but to you, just a second. How could time be different for two separate dimensions in the universe? Doesn't that violate some kind of relative equivalence law of science? No, because all super symmetric past to present time restorations caused by a ripple in a mirrored dimension operate at these super high speed fast forward levels - any parallel mirrored dimension in any space-time continuum. That's Acceptance of Counter-intuitive Beliefs (ACB). That's science faction at its finest.

In terms of twenty-second century technology, quantum level imaging could originally record about ten minutes of data, store it at the subatomic wave level, and move the photon image back to the portal origin. But knowing ten minutes of history, in actual detail, can change the world. The invention of hand-held videotape cameras proved that to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Looking at the quantum reconstructed image, however, uncovered one of the most shocking revelations in the history of science. The people in the image recognize the presence of the photon camera. We were not photographing a static audit trail of history, but participating in actual life as it existed in space-time, although dormant, without having been rewound. Reducing life to the level of its matter, dissipation, thermodynamic waves, entropy, and energy transformations in the sixth to ninth dimensions of quantum superstrings, represented the capture of life's mirror image, alive and preserved. Not an audit trail, a life trail. And all it took to turn on that parallel world was to observe or interact with it, like rewinding and then jumping on a moving train. That may seem implausible, except how many things in life and on earth change or change from a dormant stage by the simple inclusion of water, electrical current, oxygen, or some other element or molecule... a trigger.

If that revelation is true, there must be a way to communicate. We already did it (in the twenty-second century) one way through the viewing/recording of the past. The trick is how to create interaction.

The implications of space-time viewing and communication, even two days in the past, can change history. What happens every single yesterday... stock markets, political meetings, criminal plans, murder, military, private conversations, intimate behavior... everything! After observing today or earlier, one can then go back one or two days and influence history, by merely acting on information that was in the future. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy, insider knowledge, or disclosure of truth, depending on your point of view. Or go back and find the truth of the past and reveal it to the present. It works both ways. So these facts of science faction enable our story, making the entire story a real possibility. All it takes is an Acceptance of Counter-intuitive Beliefs (ACB)! It's that simple. However, you may not want to know the truth! The awe is in the reality, not the discovery of the reality. The truth frees you or imprisons you, or better put, your actions or experiences are reality, whether you believe it or not!

So if true time travel was possible, it's not like the Einstein "twin" analogy where one person travels at light speed, experiences less elapsed time, and then returns to "earth time" and ends up in their own future along with the "older" twin. In our story, true time travel of an unmanned probe requires a mirrored parallel dimension and a super symmetric equilibrium restoration time ripple to enable traveling to the past and communicating back to the future from the past. There is an analogy to the "twin" concept of traveling to the future and our version. That is, that you have to have an earthly three dimensional parallel time to be able to go back to the past and then let the past communicate with its future. If the future hasn't occurred yet, then the past has nothing to converse with because it hasn't happened yet. So you have to start in the future to commune with the past. You must risk the consequences and uncertainties of a do over, so you better have a pretty good reason to consider change.

Of course, you could step out of our box of existence and consider the consequences of our actions or inactions, do it right the first time (dirtft) and save the future from a whole lot of trouble!

save the future from a whole lot of trouble!