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Subject Matter Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks found inside WExInfinity

Note: for full advantage of the hyperlinks , explore the youtubes around  the center  videos.


Prologue page 1                                                            

LHC accelerator description video 

Prologue page 2

Kennedys idea of equality amongst people of Africa                                          

Act 1 scene 1 page 5

Charlie Rose interview of Stephen Hawking 

Questions of the universe by Stephen Hawking

Act 1 scene 6 page 42

911Trade Center Attacks video 

Act 1 Scene 10 page 74

3 minute description of CERN 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 166

poverty and hunger 

world hunger gumball theory 

World bank, Ron Paul 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 167

Water Development Goals 

WaterAide video 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 168

Energy growth 

Energy growth 2 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 170

HUMAN trafficking 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 171

Refugees (Angelina Jolie) 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 172


End of Poverty End of Terrorism Jeffrey Sacks

Ron Paul

University of Singapore

Causes of terrorism

Dr. Karin von Hippel

Anti American view- in Germany

From England- anti-muslim

The truth about the economic sustainability of the U.S.A. (report prior to 2008)

Economic  Terror 2011

 Act 3 Scene 20 page 186

Bill Gates on energy 

Act 3 Scene 20 page 187

Seawater to freshwater info

Act 3 Scene 20 page 191

(Understand Sudan/Darfur 10 minutes)

George Clooney endgame in Sudan

Safer Sudan

Act 3 Scene 20 page 224

Open secrets 

 Open secrets 2  

 Open Lobbying and oil

a little humor (Johnny Carson)

capitalism 1948