Charlie Pedersen
Turn of the Century Synopsis

Turn of the Century: 2100Turn of the Century: 2100by Charlie Pedersen

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The hologram was clearly a structured intelligent probe. "Hello, please don't be concerned. We will not harm you. We are here due to matters of great importance to you and are not a threat...." Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist and one of the brightest people on the planet, in apparent frustration, asked Yahoo Answers* in 2006: "In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?" Turn of the Century: 2100 is a novel of suspense;science"factionš; and contemporary issues genre that takes us around the planet, and across the centuries, drawing us into our tumultuous times; and to what we're all looking for: Answers. You'll be captured by the story, absorbed into the action and suspense, and compelled by the issues. Yes, be disturbed by the realities and convinced by the facts as the CIA, Interpol, and Science join together to battle international criminals and terrorists who are trying to prevent five (5) oracles from the future reaching the floor of the United Nations General Assembly. The science of quantum physics and the power of positive action make us face what must be done to prevent certain global disaster: seize the power of WE (to the power of infinity). Are you starting to be overwhelmed and frightened by our direction as a society? What did you expect? It's a new century and it's our turn; our Turn of the Century. http://READTOC.COM

* Yahoo!Answers is an internet service of Yahoo!, inc. Stephan Hawking, professor and author (A brief History of Time, etc) from Cambridge University, England is not affiliated in any way with this novel, reference by public knowledge / news sources.